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iReco8o Site Update

Well, I managed to migrate the majority of the old content from my old site to this new one. Be sure to subscribe to the blog updates so you can get your entry in for the new subscriber contest! Your chances are quite good at this stage! Do it. Do it now. Scroll down to the bottom of the page …

iReco8oiReco8o Site Update

B.B. King Egg Tempera Painting by Ebenlo

Here’s my B.B. King egg tempera painting!  (Seen here as a limited edition print.) I was just posting it on my facebook http://Facebook.com/EbenloArtist, and thought I’d post it here as well: If you’re a blues fan, you’ll love sharing this image at home with your friends!  The original http://bit.ly/EbenlOriginals , limited edition http://bit.ly/EbenloLtdEd , & standard edition prints http://bit.ly/EbenloBBKing of this image are still available! …

iReco8oB.B. King Egg Tempera Painting by Ebenlo

Adventures in Art Land: I Stayed A Night At The Art Service Of California

James McDemas’ Work at the Museum of Neon Art (Photo: Spencer Weiner/Los Angeles Times May 31, 2009) Well, officially, this never happened, because it’s against the law:  But unofficially, there is a small couch in the studio that I got too tired on to move anymore for the day.  The James McDemas “Art Service of California” studio is in downtown …

iReco8oAdventures in Art Land: I Stayed A Night At The Art Service Of California

New Article At Examiner.com: Ronald Jenkees

Howdy Folks! I just thought I’d mention here that I wrote an article for Examiner.com about the rising music producer and artist, Ronald Jenkees.  Check it out at:  http://www.examiner.com/review/ronald-jenkees-star-is-rising Also, if anyone else is interested in making money writing articles, you can have your own writing business with Examiner.com.  Check out this link for details!  http://exm.nr/SmBv8J    Ebenlo PAINTEROFSONG (1976) …

iReco8oNew Article At Examiner.com: Ronald Jenkees

The Painter of Song Story

I’ve written down my story a few times lately on other sites, but I’ll start from scratch.  I’ll do my best to keep it interesting by including pictures and perhaps music file links as we go along. I’m originally from a small town of about 35,000 people: Rupert, Idaho.  One of my favorite things about my home town is a …

iReco8oThe Painter of Song Story

The Testimony Of Ron Wyatt

My latest painting took a year off and on to complete, it’s an egg tempera work is called “The Testimony Of Ron Wyatt;” who claimed he discovered the very ark of the covenant in a cavern somewhere under Jerusalem, Israel.  His story is facsinating, learn more at http://www.ronwyatt.com/ If you would like a print of this image, you can get one …

iReco8oThe Testimony Of Ron Wyatt

Starting Over, Again, For The First Time

Well, It’s been a while since I touched this blog. I feel like I’ve changed quite a bit since I last wrote.  I’m in one of those moods where I could just delete every post I’ve ever made before and start fresh, because, perhaps I wrote about things that have nothing to do with art or music previous to now, …

iReco8oStarting Over, Again, For The First Time

“Dusky Resolution” – A Neo Pop Portrait of #BobDylan by Ebenlo – #PainterOfSong

I hope my friends and fans out there enjoy my latest work, “Dusky Resolution,” a neo pop portrait work of Bob Dylan, completed on this day of December 1st, 2010. The original is being held awaiting auction.  I will post here when it will be made available. I have made limited edition prints available at http://Ebenlo.com . Standard prints available at:  http://bit.ly/EbenloDylan

iReco8o“Dusky Resolution” – A Neo Pop Portrait of #BobDylan by Ebenlo – #PainterOfSong

One Campaign Shirt Design: “We Carry Each Other” by Ebenlo

I hope this post finds you having a “Happy Thanksgiving!” I have had much to be thankful for, and have been wanting to share a design with the One Campaign since I heard about their T-shirt contest, albeit just a little too late to complete the sort of design I wanted to create in time to enter their recent competition; …

iReco8oOne Campaign Shirt Design: “We Carry Each Other” by Ebenlo